Not all orders can be sent off. For safety reasons we don’t accept mixed orders with different size of packs. For example, you are going to buy 5 cartons and you want to do a mix of different brands (e.g. 2 cartons of More International Filters, 2 cartons of Vogue Menthe and 1 carton of Pall Mall Blue). Such order will be rejected because all brands have different size of packs.

There is only one possibility to order a mix — all packs must be the same size (e.g. 2 cartons of Vogue Bleue, 2 cartons of Vogue Menthe and 1 carton of Vogue Lilas). This order will be accepted.

If your order is not accepted, and we cannot contact you to change it, the order will be canceled and the money will be refunded.

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