Is it necessary?

We always pack every parcel very carefully and do all our best to prevent seizures at the border. However, there is a chance of force majeure and Customs may open the package. In this case you’ll lose your order or will need to pay full taxes.

To avoid problems caused by seizure, you can insure your purchase and in case of insurance event, we’ll give you a full refund into your PayPal account.

Important: If your package is not insured and it is seized by Customs, we won't be able to make a refund.


How to insure?

In checkout, you can choose between two delivery options: "Delivery without seizure insurance" and "Delivery with seizure insurance".

How much is the insurance?

€11 per each carton.


Other particulars

  • The insurance covers up to 10 cartons. If it’s not enough for you, place two or more orders;

  • To receive the insurance payment, you may need to have a copy of letter of seizure.

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